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Project "Maiden's bedroom " . Part 8. Curtains. Set Lace.
12.06.2013, 17:33
Hi! The Project "Maiden's bedroom" continues! This is my favorite set. I love lace in life, and I thought: “Why my sims do not have lace? It is necessary to fix it. I just have to do it. Otherwise they will not forgive me” And I did it. Lace curtains will create a cosiness in any room of your Sims. Choose, download and enjoy.
I recolored a fine mesh "individual curtain" of nazariopilar
My credit this wonderful сreator.

Set “Lace” includes :
1. Antique lace curtains – 6 recolors. I made a short and long lace curtains olive, light-olive and light-light-olive color. You may want to consider lace in more detail at screenshot.
2. Light-light-pink lace curtains- 9 recolors. I made a long, medium and short lace curtains in 3 variants: not-transparent , partly-transparent and gossamer. You may want to consider gossamer-lace in more detail at screenshot.
3. Lace+fabric suite curtains- 6 recolors. I made a fabric, Lace+fabric and lace curtains in 2 colors: pink and caramel
4. Lilac lace curtain- 1 recolor.

About meshes: You should download:new mesh " individual curtain"
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