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Happy Meet
12.01.2017, 22:52

There is a nice place for our friends and our loved ones.

Billiards, dance till you drop, bar, tea-coffee-blood and a hot spring

Relax on the second floor:
good food, good music, cheerful karaoke and mineral baths shared with friends

A glass of fresh blood or excellent wine, lightly roasted steak, shrimp salad.
Here it is worth to taste all what you want

My Huge Thanks:

to my beloved kativip, Yolartut -
from our Cradle of Darkness - for a lot of awesome objects

to all wondewrful creators from the following sites:

MTS (Eco, Numenor, Mootilda, Michelle, Targas, Ailias, Macarossi,
SilentLucidity, Mustluvcats, fanseelamb, kapu)
Lidwig (LudwigsAllerlei.de), Manuela (BSZ=blackypanter), JS (vitasims2),
Free TSR (DOT, Elena, Solfal, CherryND, Kansascityrose, Simaddict99, steffor)
Moune (MTS, Sims2artists), FracturedMoonlight (medievalsims),
Rebecah (affinity.sims), Jope (Simply Styling), 8-3 studio,
von feeEssen (sims2- feeEssen), HChangerim(retailsims),
siluettassimms, sims2-studio, Jennisims, xxxsims2, sims.top.to,
Avenidasims, SurrealiSIM, Reflexsims, Simcredibledesigns, ShannnanSims,

Special big thanks to
Holy Simoly, Peggy, Jasmine, teco, Amythesttenix,
engelchen, BeOSBoxBoy, Amel, AngelamEliza, Frillen, Longonel,
Asamo, delonariel, Tethys, Ohbehave, nmestnaya=NMS, Cassandre,
Mila (model Samara Morgan, decorative Neon light),
simwardrobe for Season and Weather controller

and to the unknown gorgeous сreators who forgot to indicate their names in their meshes.

Many thanks to my beloved Booty for almost all saved undead sites

P.S. Before downloading this community lot you need to download a folder with all necessary.

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5 yolartut  
Fata_Morgana, ты просто волшебница!

2 Дзихико  
невероятно празднично!)))

3 Fata_Morgana  
Ды-к, старый Новый Год, однако...

1 pike  
Вот это славненькое местечко для тусовочки. Есть где развернуться по полной.

4 Fata_Morgana  
Вот вечерком и развернёмся!

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