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Blacky Zoo
28.10.2017, 00:52
Residential lot for Halloween fans

Come in, my honey, come in...

Turn on the left,

turn on the right

in any way everything will be alright

Go in the kitchen and prepare a deliciously awful Halloween meal

Then, in the bathroom, wash the blood off from your hands

After a bloody day, climb up on the first floor and relax

Be sure to add a drop of poison to your friend's cup

And then use magic to turn him into a zombie

Today was a lucky day!!!

My Huge Thanks:

to my beloved kativip from our Cradle of Darkness

to all wonderful creators from the following sites:

MTS: Numenor, SilentLucidity, Moune999, Adele, Khakidoo, eletrodj, fanseelamb, Oberkorn

Garden of Shadow: evanesco, Aikea-Guinea, Deatherella

Free TSR: Sunair, Murano, solfal, Mira

All4Sims: Engelchen, Chalipo

BPS : NMS, Cassandre, Billyjean

Sims World (Mila), SIMc, Reflexsims, Sapphiresims , BSZ ,
SiP (jasmine), CL_Designs, Sims2Lux, HolySimoly,

Special big thanks to
buggybooz, AnYe, Apollyon (GoS), Amovitam, Pocci , Sadepaivas, Tinkle,
Steffor (TSR, jaue.com/Avalon), Chimerical, Exnem, Veranka, Peggy,
Harol, Nelly, CHaze, SUNNI9676, Riekus13, Ohbehave, salix, Pilar, HolySimoly

and to the unknown gorgeous сreators who forgot to indicate their names in their meshes.

Many thanks to my beloved Booty for almost all saved undead sites

P.S. Before downloading this residential lot you need to download a folder with all necessary.

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Извини, только сегодня нормально все рассмотрела. Классно! Настоящий дом для вечеринок в стиле Хэллоуин! Все так подобрано со вкусом и умом.

Атмосферненько так, оранжевенько. Здорово! biggrin


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